Museum of Brutalist Architecture MoBA

The driving force behind MoBA is architectural education specialist Urban Learners who have partnered with Acland Burghely School. MoBA’s aim is to encourage wider and more diverse awareness of modernist and brutalist architecture, the places and communities within which these buildings exist, and the cultural connections between them.

Acland Burghley School was designed by Howell, Killick, Partridge & Amis (HKPA) between 1963-7. It was Grade II listed in 2016, in recognition of its innovative plan, skilful use of pre-cast concrete components and in particular, the jewel-like, top-lit assembly hall, with its rich textures of concrete and timber ceiling. The school’s brutalist architecture is the catalyst behind MoBA, and it will host both physical and digital material. 

Contact Urban Learners if you would like to know more about MoBA or if you’d like to get involved.

Venetia Wolfenden and Andy Costa, Directors of MoBA and Urban Learners, explain:

‘Creating links between architectural heritage and urban culture, to make ‘Architecture for All’ accessible, is a long-term ambition of Urban Learners. So, we are especially excited to partner with Acland Burghley, our local community school, to develop the Museum of Brutalist Architecture.

This initial support from the Heritage Fund allows us to engage and explore collaboratively with the school and wider community to determine best ways to increase the value of local brutalist architecture through exhibitions, performances, and a digital platform.’