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Bespoke architecture, art and design learning and outreach programmes for schools and communities

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urban learners

We provide young people and children, from all backgrounds, with a platform to contribute to their city through creative and aspirational learning experiences.

We are passionate about this, and especially working with young people and children from ‘non-traditional’ backgrounds who often don’t have the same access to creative activities as their peers.

It is vital that they do have this access, to help diversify the world of architecture, and so that our future cities reflect the people they are designed for.

We promote, the importance of learning through creativity working with schools and our industry partners, the importance of and need for creative subjects at GCSE and A level for built environment and creative career pathways.

Urban Learners design, develop and deliver bespoke architecture, art and design learning and outreach programmes for young people and communities on behalf of educators, cultural spaces, places, the built environment and creative industries. 

WE MAKE, DESIGN, DEVELOP and DELIVER: Creative Workshops  +  Architectural Programmes + STEAM Learning Activities  + Learning through Exploring + Cultural Events + Design Research + Urban Activities + Learning from Architecture + Volunteer Training + Learning through Making + Collaborative Partnerships.

If you would like to speak with us about your learning programmes or design workshops, please contact us: info@urbanlearners.org